Monday, 11 February 2013

Guilt-free TV

This domestic project has just been completed.
I learnt to crochet granny squares last year [so I could make a blanket for my sister's new baby- see here], and since then it has been on my mind to make a crocheted blanket for our home.  I have been working on this, off and on, for about 6 months.  I started, what is essentially a giant granny square, as a way to use up some odd balls of wool left over from other woolly makes.  I could have carried on and on, going round and round, its only that I ran out of suitable wool that I cast off.  I will miss not having a 'telly project' to work on.  I really find it hard to simply just watch telly - it makes me feel guilty and that I'm being lazy, I know that I am perfectly entitled to stop and indulge in a TV drama, but a project that I can do on my knee is the perfect way for me to relax, guilt-free, and feel productive!


  1. You're amazing, Ruth! I admire your energy so much and love the way your mind and hands are just always seeking to create! x

  2. Crochet and knitting for me too!

  3. Hello, desperately hoping you could help me! for Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a gorgeous set of earrings, made by you, bought from paper scissors stone in bristol. they were little dios de la muertos ones and my favourite jewelery ever.
    but, today, a combination of the wind, and chase a toddler for the bus means I dislodged one of them and it is lost forever! :-( I was wondering if there is any chance, at all that you might still have some available somewhere?

  4. Yes Karen i have got one pair left in my studio! - are you on facebook - message me on my rubyandthepaperparade page and we can exchange details:!/RuthBroadwayRubyAndThePaperParade

    I replyed to this comment via email, but not sure if you will recieve it - so if not hope the FB option will help us!