Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Its been a very busy couple of months, hence not blogging for a while.  I have been working, temporarily as a florist for 2 days a week in my friend's florist.  Whilst it is really lovely to be working with flowers again and being able to 'keep my hand in', it has been a challenge to keep up with orders of my own work, as these two days would normally be studio making time.  So it has been a combination of child-care and floristry by day and every evening beavering away to make work for galleries.  In the last month I have made and delivered 150 pieces of jewellery and 70 lino prints to four new galleries or exhibitions:
-Rostra Gallery, in Bath
-Just Make, in Wells
-The International Alternative Press Fair, in London [thanks to Paul Ashley Brown]
-Paper-Scissors-Stone, Made in Bristol pop-up gallery, in Bristol

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