Monday, 14 May 2012

Practise makes a bit better...

I have been working, over the last six months or so, to develop a series of lino prints.  I had done a tiny bit of lino printing back at art college years ago; but the self indulgent student that I was didn't appreciate the tutelage that I had on hand.  So this time it's been a case of a lot of trial and error and many disappointing results. 

Lino printing has a reputation as a simple art form - suitable for beginners and children - which it is, but like all things that are made to look easy by experienced practitioners there is a lot of skill and knowledge involved.

I decided to ask lovely printer friends if they wouldn't mind sharing their knowledge and experience - I have been really touched by the generous way they have given their advice, time and encouragement.  My little frustrations along my lino printing journey make it all the more satisfying when there start to be more successful prints than ones destined for the bin at the end of the day.

So thanks to my friends I am really enjoying practising my art....


  1. it's been lovely (and stimulating!) to see things develop... and VERY good to see you blogging! hugs x

  2. I loved seeing your work today Ruth, it is really lovely and I am not at all surprised that you sold loads of that fabulous jewellery! I will be saving up for a brooch and a print, the only real trouble will be deciding which of each to get, they're all so gorgeous. Pop over to my blog to have a peep at my ramblings and fabrics if you like...hope to see you again soon, Rachel x