Wednesday, 7 October 2015

the CODE collection

This is something I have been working on over the last few months.  This geometric jewellery is what I am calling the CODE collection.  It has been developed along side some new geometric screen prints as part of an exhibition, Colour Coded, coming up in 2016.  Inspiration for the jewellery comes in two parts.  Firstly, the dots and dashes of Morse code, the second part honours the geometric shapes and gridded paper of the maths class room.   The strong, and slightly retro, colour pallet is made up of ochre, grey, coral and duckegg.

This jewellery will soon be out for sale in my usual lovely galleries and shops


  1. What a striking collection Ruth. I have my beady eye on (at least) one pair of triangular ear rings. I'll keep a lookout for their appearance.

  2. Thank you just Gai, Makers, Lab shop, Paper Plane and Made in Bristol Christmas fair at the Colston Hall will all have stock very soon!!!

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