Monday, 30 March 2015

Collections and everyday curiosities

These new prints are the first of a series based on collections and everyday curiosities.  Inspired my trip to Oxford in January, and the collections of everyday items that I discovered in the Pitt Rivers Museum

I was struck by the way the museum arranges its artifacts; not by historical age or geographical location, but instead by the purpose of use; showing how different cultures solved the same problem [combing hair, playing music, protecting feet and covering bodies].  These 'curiosities', gathered because they seemed foreign and exotic at the time are now carefully labelled and behind glass to protect them.  They, however, are broadly [with some exceptions] not extraordinary but in their time and context very ordinary and everyday. 

It appealed to me, the idea of collecting together multiples of similar everyday objects in my drawings just like one of these Victorian collectors.

These limited editioned giclees are printed on best quality thick art paper.
Each print will soon be available in my usual galleries [see side bar] and in my etsy shop.  
Unframed A2 print £48 each [approx 42 x 60cm]
Unframed A3 print £36 each [approx 30 x 42cm]
Unframed A4 print £24 each [approx 21 x 30cm]

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