Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New prints for spring

I had a lovely time last week making four new limited edition prints.

Ernest was a guerilla knitter

First up is 'Ernest was a guerilla knitter', there is a lot of love for Gorillas in Bristol, we had a gorilla sculpture trail round the city in 2011.  One of the sculptures now lives on a street near my home.  Over the winter someone decided to give it a jumper [see here] and this was the inspiration behind this print.

Rosa showed us her new hat
[Raspberry beret]

The second is a print that was a request from my youngest daughter who after having watched me make prints named after her cousin and her older sister suggested that there should be one for her - so here is 'Rosa showed us her new hat', subtitle: 'Raspberry beret'

The last 2 prints are companion pieces:  ' Urban wildlife part 1 - ...one named Peter...' and 'Urban Wildlife part 2 - ...one named Paul'. 

Urban wild life 1 and 2 -
...one named Peter, one named Paul

The theme of urban wildlife is one I would like to continue in the future, and I currently working on new designs.  These prints are literally hot off the press, but I hope to have them out to some of my lovely galleries, and up in my etsy shop, by the end of the week.

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