Friday, 18 October 2013

Chansons pour s' amuser VOLUME 2

This is the latest CD by my good friend Audrey Johnson, and Murray Benjamin.  I blogged about their previous CD last year, this is volume 2.  It's equally jolly and full of lovely French songs for children. I designed the cover - It was a pleasure to do; who doesn't want to illustrate a bright pink flamingo in a cabbage patch for their job!!  The images show many of the characters from the songs and the Zouzous mascot, Fifi the flamingo.

lyrics booklet
Audrey runs Les Petits Zouzous, french classes for pre-schoolers.  She is a brilliant teacher and makes the classes so much fun for the children [who adore her] and her enthusiasm means that an adult, like me, who is pretty bad at french, is soon singing along quite unselfconsciously!  Have a look at her website to find out about classes and why not buy a CD while you're there.

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