Thursday, 14 June 2012

The day job

I am temporarily working a couple of days a week for my friends Mandy and Vanina in their beautiful florist, Les Fleurs [it just happens to be next door to the MAKERS gallery I mentioned in my last post].

I have to admit there was a part of me that felt like coming back to floristry after nine months of making my own work in my studio would stop the flow of making and I would feel frustrated by this.  I am, however, finding it is a lovely refreshing change and I am really enjoying working with flowers again.  Its good for me to realise that creativity takes many different forms and not to let myself get too one track.

I made this little floral number at the end of the day with odd stems left over from other arrangements ultimately destined for the bin [some I literally swept up off the floor].  Its just a bit of fun and very much thrown together, but I couldn't resist borrowing one of the florist's decorative bird cages to 'stage' the flowers.

Take a look at to get a taste of the lovely work they do.

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